Tuesday, September 8, 2020

Virtual Occupational Therapy Ideas - Teletherapy Distance Learning


Virtual or Printable OT Activity - No equipment No Prep - Teletherapy Ideas

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Emoji Spot It Cards- Preview Full Game

Description: This is a downloadable modified version of Spot-It, the classic card game now with a new Emoji version that can be screen-shared virtually or printed as a fun OT visual-perception activity! 

Directions: Go as fast as you can to find the matching Emoji on each slide / card!

Duration: 15-25 minutes
Ways to modify the activity:
  • Can screen-share the activity during a virtual session 
  • Can print each slide to make them into playing cards
  • Can incorporate handwriting by having the child write out the answers, use descriptive words, or write sentences between each match 
  • Can be used for right-left discrimination and understanding directional words (top, bottom, middle)
  • Can use this for a group activity or an individual session
  • Can have the child race against another person or therapist see who can find it the fastest 
  • Can have the student time themselves to see how long it takes to complete each level
  • Can be used to work on reading facial cues for emotional recognition
There are 5 levels of increasing difficulty, based off of visual similarities and increasing the number of objects to scan through. There are 5 slides for each level, 25 playing cards total. Disclaimer: Emoji images may vary depending on Apple or Chromebook device. No Equipment and No Prep required. Just need video chat access with screen share feature.


Virtual OT Activity - No equipment Fine Motor Activity - Teletherapy Ideas

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Design Copy and Trace - Preview Full OT Session

Description: This is a downloadable virtual occupational teletherapy activity that focuses on fine motor control and requires very minimal equipment (pencil, paper, marker!) Simply download the file and share with parent prior to session OR screen-share during a live virtual session via webcam. The activity is designed to have a child/student follow along the presentation and do activities as you go through each slide.

Directions: 1) Present the design 2) Have the student copy on a piece of paper using a marker 3) Have the student trace over the design in a pencil

Duration: 10-20 minutes
OT Skills:
  • Visual motor coordination
  • Fine motor coordination 
  • Visual perception / Design copy 
  • Pencil control


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  18. Virtual occupational therapy ideas are a lifeline for remote learners and therapy recipients. They bridge the gap, offering creative solutions for motor skill development and sensory integration. How Many Devices From virtual scavenger hunts to guided mindfulness exercises.


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