Monday, January 14, 2019

Fine Motor Activities: Valentine's Day

Featuring: Target Mini Erasers!

1. Minion Pizza Munch

- Pizza heart mini erasers - $1 Target
- Tennis ball

Extremely cute and fun activity to work on hand strengthening, hand endurance, or gross grasp. Have the child squeeze the tennis ball to open his mouth and eat a pizza!

2. Candy Heart Color Sort

- Candy heart mini Erasers - $1 Target
- Tongs - $1 Walmart
- Containers - $1 Dollar Tree

Who doesn't love candy hearts? Sweet activity to work on finger strengthening, hand strengthening, endurance, color recognition, scanning, and matching. You can even ditch the tongs and focus on pincer grasp or in-hand manipulation!

3. Pizza Heart Stack n' Sort

- Pizza heart mini erasers - $1 Target
- Dice - $1 Dollar Tree
- Containers - $1 Dollar Tree
- Tongs

Roll the dice and stack the pizza erasers on top of each other using the tongs! Works on finger strengthening, endurance, grading movements, dexterity, and counting. You can also roll and sort the erasers back into containers and see which container gets the most pizza love!

4. Candy Heart Stack n' Sort
- Candy heart mini erasers - $1
- Tongs

These candy heart mini erasers are perfect for stacking and sorting. Use the tongs to pick up each eraser and make a pile for each color! Love how simple and sweet this activity is.

Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Winter Writing: Fix the Mistakes

Handwriting Packet made by a pediatric occupational therapist 

These are some very common writing problems in my elementary aged students. Works on them being able to recognize and correct their writing mistakes, including:
   - Letter sizing
   - Letter height
   - Letter spacing
   - Word spacing
   - Line orientation
   - Letter reversals


Zones of Regulation Charts