Sunday, March 25, 2018

$1 Spring Fine Motor Activities

Lacing Cards
Materials: $1 pack from target 
Directions: Have them lace the string through the holes of the cutouts 
Works on fine motor coordination, bilateral coordination skills, sequencing, organization

Shape Egg Match

Materials: $1 six-pack from
Directions: Match the eggs to the corresponding color/shape. Can incorporate into an obstacle course, scooter-board activity, or make into a memory match game.
Works on color shape recognition, color recognition, bilateral coordination, visual-perceptual skills, visual motor skills, matching, and fine motor skills

Animal Egg Match 

Materials: $1 easter egg 10-pack from Dollar Tree
Directions: Separate the two halves of the eggs (cut off excess material) and have them match to the corresponding side. Can incorporate into a obstacle course or scooter-board activity.
Works on bilateral coordination, visual perceptual skills, visual motor skills, matching, and fine motor skills.

Mini Eraser Color Sort 

 Materials: $1 containers - Dollar Tree, Mini Eraser Set (200 pack for $3 at target!!!), construction paper
Directions: Cut slots into the containers using a scissor and color code using construction paper. Have them sort the mini erasers into the containers by color using their hands and/or tongs
Works on fine motor coordination, pincer grip, in-hand manipulation, palm-digit translation, finger strengthening, sorting, matching, visual motor coordination

Jar and Straw Sort 

Materials: $1 Mason Jar- Dollar Tree, $1 100-pack of straws- Dollar Tree
Directions: Take out the straw that comes with a mason jar. Take plastic disposable straws and cut them into one inch strips or desired length. Have them place the straws into the hole.
Works on fine motor skills including in-hand manipulation, palm-digit translation, pincer grip, as well as color recognition


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