Tuesday, January 2, 2018

DIY Hanging Wall Succulents

Home decor project for fun! :) 

I've always loved crafts, home decor, and diy projects... so this was totally therapeutic for me! Hope you enjoy :) 

Materials used:
- Felt Succulent Kit: $18.95 (Amazon - here)
- Wall Vases: $4 each (Flying Tiger Copenhagen)

- The succulent kit comes with 20 strips of felt that you roll up and secure with a rubber band
- First, I chose the colors that I wanted and pre-arranged the flowers for each vase
- Next, I stuffed a plastic bag in the bottom of the vases to get rid of excess space
- Then, I secured the succulents on top using duct tape
-To hang, I just used a simple tack and command strips
- Start with your center vase first and then measure out equal distances on both side
- There you have it!


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