Sunday, November 19, 2017

Thanksgiving Feast: Free thanksgiving games, crafts, and activities for kids

Stuff The Turkey
Game for hand strengthening, endurance, visual-motor skills, motor planning, bilateral coordination
- Turkey baster - $1
- Pom poms - $1
- Construction paper 

- Squeeze the turkey baster to puff out air and blow the pompoms into the turkey's mouth! 
- Fun and exciting game to work on hand strengthening, hand endurance, bilateral coordination, visual-motor skills, and motor planning.

The Thankful Turkey 
Color, cut, paste activity with FREE printout here! Step by step instructions included.
- Paper / Printer
- Crayons / Markers
- Scissors
- Glue
- A simple color, cut, paste activity that can be done with children from K-5. Have them complete all the steps to put together the turkey. Works on handwriting skills, coloring, cutting, organizational skills, and following directions.
- The activity incorporates fine motor, graphomotor, bilateral coordination, visual motor, visual perceptual,  and following direction skills.

Turkey Feather Clothespins
Fine motor, pincer grasp activity to promote finger strengthening
- Clothespins
- Construction paper, laminated
(Can also use brown cardboard or card stock)

- Have the child 'give the turkey feathers' by clipping on the clothespins and when they're done 'pluck them' all off. 
- Works on fine motor skills, finger strengthening, bilateral coordination, using stabilizing hand, and using pincer grasp.

Turkey Stuffing
Fine motor hand strengthening and coordination activity 
- Spikey koosh balls ($2) 
- Tongs/Tweezers/Chopsticks ($1)
- Container ($1 for 5 pack)
- Scissors / Hole puncher
- Construction paper 

- Have the child transfer the koosh balls using using tongs/tweezers into the 'turkey's belly' (plastic container with hole in it) 
- Great for younger children in Pre-K or students with weak grip strength. Works on hand strengthening, fine motor coordination, grip strength, grasp. 

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