Friday, February 28, 2020

DR. SEUSS HANDWRITING PACKET: Fixing Common Handwriting Mistakes
This Handwriting packet was created by an occupational therapist to work on helping students with common handwriting mistakes, including:
- Letter Reversals
- Spacing
- Letter Height
- Letter Size
- Line Orientation
- Staying on the lines
- Spacing between words
- Spacing between letters

This packet also works on various OT skills, including:
- Handwriting Practice
- Near point copying
- Self-correcting mistakes

This is a special Dr. Seuss Cat In The Hat edition! Click here to download :)

How to fix line orientation and staying on the lines
How to fix letter reversals

How to fix letter size and height
How to fix spacing between words and letters

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Tuesday, October 15, 2019

2019 Halloween Worksheets & Activities

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Pass The Eyeballs (Scissor Practice) 
Practice pre-scissor skills using these practice scissors and fun eye-ball halloween supplies found at your local dollar tree. The objective of the game is to use the "scissors" to catch an eyeball and place it into the bucket.

Halloween fine motor activity

Mini Eraser Squeeze and Sort (Halloween)
Practice fine motor strengthening, hand strength, endurance, and visual perceptual skills by using jumbo tongs/tweezers to squeeze to pick up mini erasers and sort them by color, shape, style, and other characteristics! All supplies can be found for $1 at your local

Halloween fine motor activity

Monday, October 14, 2019

Free Fall Worksheets

Made by yours truly :) 
Click the links below to download FULL-SIZE FREE PRINTABLE WORKSHEETS of each activity!
Back to school i-spy, free ispy worksheet, fall i-spy, school supply i-spy, back to school supplies, free worksheet, printable

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Cut & Paste Matching: Uppercase Letters

Thursday, August 1, 2019

Occupational Therapy: Dressing Skills

OT Treatment and Intervention Ideas for self-care, ADLS, Dressing

DIY Felt Pizza Button Board 
I turned this play pizza felt set from Target into a diy button board for occupational therapy! 
- Sew on buttons onto the slices of pizza
- Cut small slits into the pepperoni 
- Have the child button the pepperoni onto the pizza
- Match the number of pepperoni onto the tray

Materials used
- $3 Pizza Felt Set from Target
- A needle and thread 

DIY Tic-Tac-Toe Button Board 
Pizza vs. Burget tic-tac-toe! Added the buttons to turn this classic game into a motivating way to sneak in dressing skills. 

- Sew on buttons into each tic-tac-toe square
- Cut small slits into the pizza and burger pieces
- 3-in a row wins!

Materials used
- A needle and thread
- $3 Tasty Treats Felt Book
(More felt activities in booklet not shown here)

DIY Shoelacing Board

Amazingly easy and simple way to make your own lacing board to practice shoelace tying.

1. Take a file folder
2. Draw small holes equal distance apart
3. Poke out holes using sharp end of scissor
4. Take a plain shoelace
5. Color one half yellow and one half blue
6. Lace the shoelace onto the file folder

- The different colored laces provides a great visual cue
- It is always better to practice shoelacing first on a table in front of them rather than practicing first on their shoe

Step by step shoelace tying board, how to make a lacing board, how to tie your shoes


Free Developmental Milestones: Dressing Skills Checklist

Developmental Milestones for Dressing Skills: Ages 2-6 years old.
Summarized from the Occupational Therapy National Board Certification Exam Review Guide.

Dressing is probably one of the most important ADLs in a child's early life (aside from play). These are skills that will give the child a great sense of independence, and they will carry these skills with them for the rest of their lives. Here is a quick summary of some dressing developmental milestones according to age for your reference.

Sunday, May 5, 2019

Free Spring Worksheets

SPRING TRACING: Fun worksheet tracing the colored lines to bring the bee to each flower. Simple activity that can work on many skills including visual perceptual skills, fine motor control and coordination, tracing, and pre-writing skills.

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FIND THE FLOWER: Fun and simple find and count worksheet for visual discrimination, visual attention, scanning, and matching. This time featuring spring flowers!

FOLLOWING DIRECTIONS WORKSHEET: Read the directions out loud and have the student complete the given directions on the coloring worksheet. Great activity to work on direction following, listening skills, auditory processing, as well as coloring, counting, and scanning.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019


PAGE 1. FIND THE FOUR LEAF CLOVER - Visual perceptual scanning worksheet
Directions: There are 10 four-leaf clovers hidden below. Scan left to right, top to bottom, to find the hidden clovers!
PAGE 2. MAKE A WISH - Writing prompt worksheet
Directions: If you could wish for anything in the world, what would you wish for? Write your answer below and draw a picture of your wish come true. Lined paper based off of Wilson Fundations Paper.
Directions: Color in the leprechaun, cut on the given lines, and then paste the image back together!
Directions: Cut on the given lines and then paste the rainbow back together!
Directions: Color in the pictures, trace the shapes, and cut them out!

Click the images below to download the full packet of Saint Patrick's Day worksheets or click here!